You are a creator with God


Sometimes we are in situations that we cant really avoid, we feel desperately frustrated and stressed about what is going on around and is completely out of our control… We have to let it go and let GOD. It is easy for me to say, but I think everyone of us has been there. But remember that my reality may be a paradise for your reality and vice versa, everything is relative depending on what you are supposed to experience on your life path…

Life /creation/ consciousness is always expanding everything we experience is part of that constant change that will take us where we are meant to be, a state of mind, physical change, consciousness upgrade, etc, this is what my new inspiration is all about “Consciousness”, we were all created from the same divine source, god’s particles are fluctuating from him to us, the divine sparkles are always around us we only need to tap into it, find that balance, elevate our vibrations, change our thoughts, watch the quality of our thoughts.

We are always connected with the source, but we forget because of this game of duality, ego will make believe you are nothing, will make you believe that you are “not good enough” to deserve such privilege, but we always can choose which side of the balance, between light and darkness we want to be, it doesn’t matter how messy it gets as long as you cleanup your own mess, and learn from it… This right here is a big true, we are on earth to evolves our souls, so every decision you make, every path you walk will result in a consequence and in a destination, but you can always change it to get where you truly want to be, the effort it will take to elevate you where you want to be is directly proportional of the mess you made. You don’t like your life? Look around it, be true to yourself and examine what decisions did you make to get there? The truth is always within. You are a creator of your own reality and god is always with you. No is not easy, it is what is, it gets easier with constant practice of placing yourself in the side of the light, the light of your soul.

Every second is a constant battle choosing the light side, we all are on this. You chose dark? It doesn’t make you evil, you can always choose again, but you have to cleanup and pay the consequences, this is part of the balance the Universe is always making, is not bad or good, is just universe in motion.   


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