The Art of manifestation

“Master your mind and master your life…”

If we bearly comprehend how poweful our thoughts are we will stop and re-think/emanate better intentions from our brains, starting with the thoughts toward our selves from every single day, we are more powerful than we can ever imagine. 

We are not just blood, flesh, muscles, cells, vains, we are energy manifesting in  3Dmensional way in this world, we are Soul experiencing matter, but matter comes from our energy, our light, consciousness, God, we chose to be here. As Albert Einstein would say, we chose to densify  our light into matter to experience a material world

Every single particle in your system works thanks to your unique light: your soul. Your brain, your heart, your lungs, your smile, your eyes, your tears. Imagine all divine particles making your brain work, imagine creation itself finding a portal of manifestation through your thoughts… Everything in the universe vibrates, including matter, but thought is one of the highest forms of vibration. Higher levels of consciousness produce highest vibrational frequency. Truth resonates as highest frequency, is higher than Love. Shame, guilt, fear, resonates really low, all these frequencies produce a subtle energy, an Aura around you that can be seen and felt, some humans are more sensitive than others and is when it is say that some people can read you, because our senses and brain are capable of picking up that energy around you. So all that being said, the quantum field responds to not what we want, it responds to who we are being(feeling, constantly thinking and putting all out attention and intentions…) . Science has proven that the quantum field doesnt respond to our thoughts and emotional request, It responds when we combine Elevated emotion emaniting from the heart combined with conscious intention and CLEAR THOUGHT

We live our lives constantly manifesting and attracting experiencies, creating our reality without even realizing it… Good news is we have the power to change this programation by being more selective with the quality of our thoughts, the emotion of our intentions, making it a habit. We can make things happen, even though there are other universal laws that have to be considered when manifesting the life of your dreams, the power of thoughts and intentions is a big deal…Just stop for a minute and think about this, deeply and honestly realize that the life you are having now, the reality you are in, it was created by YOU, you make decisions every second since you open your eyes, you create certain Karma debts and Dharma credits for every decision,  for every action in this life or in the past(s) life(s)…So then YOU have the power to create the reality you want to live in and sometimes it is not going to be butterflies and daysies to get you there, sometimes will be dragons, demons to defeat, darkness to recalibrate into Light, it is hard work, but the decision is only yours to take…

Some of the Notes are extracted from “The 7 Universal Laws” by Jay VonSpreck. I strongly and lovely suggest to read all of them, I have red it couple of times and i keep going back to refresh it on my brain 

All this knowledge and sense of knowing inspires me always to create and depict all that energy of ancient wisdom into Art, these are some zentangle visionary pieces I enjoyed and put lots of heart and brain (LOL)  while creating them, all was made by hand using Chinese ink/pigamicron ink, waterclolor markers and colored pencils on 11″ x 17″ bristol paper.

I hope you enjoy, please share 


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