Art & Soul

Bienvenidos! Welcome! 

I hope you can find a little inspiration, magical energy in my words, my only goal is for all of us to grow together as big family of souls here on hearth, we are all connected even when our 3D minds dont get it, but our souls do.

We are made out of pure light energy living a human experience (cells, bones, skin, etc). Our thoughts are energy, just visualize the thought process in your brain, they are made from your brain cells system, what are those? Energy-electricity – ergo your thoughts are a type of energy. So when we are thinking our brain is transforming this energy into thoughts, even when we are not aware of these. so imagine if you live your life thinking and expecting the worst, negative thoughts, negative emotions that start in your brain and move to the rest of your human system, those thoughts or packets of energy go out of your brain cannot be destroyed remeber ? Energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed or transform, change form. So those thoughts you are sending out to the universe will eventually transform in something else or attractc other alike energies – so things start manifesting in your life or around you that you dont really like. 

I know is challenge to remain in the highest  vibration/frequencies of ‘good’ thoughts, it is an every second task, the most you practice it the easiest your brain gets tuned into it. 

Now imagine that all these energies you could actually manifest it with your hands and inspiration… Yes you can, that is my favorite hobby, I do paintings that are high frequency energy, that are tuned with universal infinitum love, light, prosperity, consciousness and well being in general. Your might be wondering how the heck you can do that? Is simple, with the intension of your heart, all of us can tap into that and our higher-selves to feel this energy to feel inspired not only for painting but for doing your purpose here, or living a happier, more balanced, satisfactory life. Ask your soul what is that makes you happy in every aspect of your life, are you mean to be an artist? A healer? A speaker? Writer? Helping others to find their purpose? Healping others to develop a healthier life? Trust yourself the answers will be heard in your heart when you are ready… 

Without any other comment I present to you my Universal Forces/SpiritGuides art collection. Feel the energies, let your soul connect with them, think with your heart when you see them, do not let your brain try to make logic or 3dimensional sense of them. This collection is inspired by our creator/god present in every single aspect of life, how universe works and how we are one with it, since the perspective of a single flower, creation of life, an angel, our minds, our spirit, our animal kingdom, how we are creators of our own reality, how can we send love ptosperity trough sacred geometry and mandalas and magick runes… All of it from the pure intension/energy of our souls connected with everything, with god. 


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